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BlackBench Fit offers the best strength and conditioning workouts in Loudoun County. But we don’t stop there. At our Ashburn, VA facility, we offer a full range of fitness solutions, including all-in-one group workouts, injury prehab/posthab, nutrition and wellness. Our comprehensive whole health program is centered on your specific goals and supported by our inspiring BBF community of members and trainers.

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For so many of us, summer is prime time for weight gain -- vacations, concerts, BBQs, booze and lots of R&R can mean bloat and extra lbs on your scale. If you're feeling like summer took a toll on your health, join us for the BBF 10-Day End-of-Summer Detox. Our popular group detoxes are the perfect opportunity to heal your gut, restore balance to your body's systems and learn a bit more about how your body operates on or off specific foods. You'll eat real foods, cut out the junk and feel AMAZING! Included in BBF's Group Detox:
  • Pre-detox guidelines, shopping list and ideas for easy Detox-friendly meals.
  • Participation in a live conference call at 8:30 a.m. on Day #1 to receive information and support and ask questions
  • Daily inspiration and tips from BBF's Nourish team in your inbox each day.
  • Access to our private Facebook group for support from fellow detoxers; this is where we share recipes, ideas, victories and challenges as a group!
  • Support from BBF's nutrition coaches via email during the detox if you get stuck, have questions or need extra support to accommodate dietary restrictions/special needs, etc.
  • New this round: Detoxers who are motivated to "keep going" on their journey to better nutrition will receive $50 off our 8-Week Nourish Kickstart nutrition coaching program!
Fees for the 2015 Group End-of-Summer Detox: Group Detox Alumni rate (open to anyone who has participated in past BBF detoxes): $50; BBF Member rate: $98; Non-member rate: $125. Registration ends on Thursday, September 10. Interested but have some questions? Ask away at info@blackbenchfit.com. Or, if you're ready to commit and join the Group Detox register here: 1. Visit our registration portal 2. Click on the "Buy it" tab 3. Go to the drop-down "Group Detox"

Community Open Gym

Training Camp is part of our community open gymseries, open to both members and non-members on Saturdays; a special $10 drop-in rate applies (first class is free; Unlimited Members can attend as part of their membership plan). 9:30 AM TRAINING CAMP: Don’t keep beating up your body with boot camps, thrive with Training Camp! This science-based and award-winning workout combines a mobility-focused warm-up designed to prevent injury, with movement pattern-based lifts and challenging cardio drills for the ultimate 1-hour training session.