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We're passionate latecomers to the fitness profession, and if you've ever been stuck at BBF or a cocktail party with us, you've heard us wax eloquent on all things health and fitness-related. We hope to get it all down in a book someday, but until then, we've started this blog to share our thoughts…and more importantly, hear and publish more of your thoughts.
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Natural Weight Loss: Achieve Attainable & Sustainable Results Ever feel like your life has been one big diet? The cycle goes something like this: 1) eat too much over the winter holidays, 2) vow to rapidly lose those 5-10 pounds at all costs, 3) buy...
BBF is a community of people coming together to achieve their personal best. Our members are living testaments of the power of group fitness. They've lost pounds and inches, improved bloodwork, de-stressed and re-energized. They've gained muscle, new friends and found fun in fitness. They are BlackBench Fit.