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BlackBench Fit offers the best strength and conditioning workouts in Loudoun County. But we don’t stop there. At our Ashburn, VA facility, we offer a full range of fitness solutions, including all-in-one group workouts, injury prehab/posthab, nutrition and wellness. Our comprehensive whole health program is centered on your specific goals and supported by our inspiring BBF community of members and trainers.

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MEMORImemorial day saleAL DAY 5-DAY SUMMER SALE! Offer expires Wednesday, May 27 Get June, July and August for a special rate of $300 (college students only $200). Enjoy unlimited adult group workouts throughout the summer to keep you cool and motivated! Purchase Here! Terms: New members only Cannot combine Summer Sale with 30-Day Challenge No other discounts can be applied Good for months of June, July and August only

Community Open Gym

Training Camp & Restore Yoga part of our community open gymseries, open to both members and non-members on Saturdays; a special $10 drop-in rate applies or both classes for $15 (first class is free; Unlimited Members can attend as part of their membership plan). 9:30 AM TRAINING CAMP: Don’t keep beating up your body with boot camps, thrive with Training Camp! This science-based and award-winning workout combines a mobility-focused warm-up designed to prevent injury, with movement pattern-based lifts and challenging cardio drills for the ultimate 1-hour training session. 10:45 AM RESTORE YOGA: Restore is ideal to help alleviate high impact demands on joints and muscles, reduce chronic pain, recover from an injury and/or encourage rest from a high stress work week. Poses are held for longer periods of time in either simple floor poses or with the support of props, allowing chronically contracted muscles and soft tissue to reset back to their natural balanced, toned and lengthened state. Minimal strength work; all fitness levels welcome.