BlackBench Fit


Who We Are.

BlackBench Fit is an industry-leading gym located in Ashburn, VA (our method has been voted #1 by Men’s and Women’s Health 3 years running) that helps you do what you love better, stronger, faster, longer. We offer a comprehensive whole health program centered on your specific goals and supported by our inspiring community of members and trainers. Our fitness and nutrition professionals offer a full range of solutions, including group workouts for adults, an athletic development program for youth ages 11-college and personal training/counseling for fitness re-entry, specialized training, prehab/posthab, nutrition and overall wellness.

Our Core Vision.

Our vision and mission is to create a community of like-minded people who look to fitness, nutrition and proactive care as a way to create long term health and happiness.

Why BBF.

We train. We don’t just exercise. We use a very specific approach in our training in which education and research are the cornerstones of our methodology. As a training-based company we are exclusively focused on providing appropriate workout solutions for every person who walks through our doors.

  • Forget workouts of the day, think a progressive, programmed approach.
  • Forget lifting for big muscles that don’t move, think lifting in real-world movement patterns.
  • Forget trendy, generic and random drop-in classes, think intentional workouts.
  • Forget extreme approaches to fitness, think building bodies to be resilient under the stress of life and sports.
  • Forget crash diets, think attainable and sustainable nutrition.

There is no on-your-own approach at BlackBenchFit. Your attainable and sustainable health is our biggest priority.