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BBF’s sports performance Academy was specifically developed for today’s student athletes. Using methodologies and programs developed by though leaders in exercise science, physiology and elite sports training, our athletes are trained using the same care and progressive techniques as the pros.

Today’s athletes need more than skill and natural talent in order to stand out. Athleticism is the defining factor for who makes it into the upper levels and who does not. Those striving to compete at upper levels need more than just a “lift” program – especially when so many are still confusing powerlifting and bodybuilding with sports performance training. Having a program based in comprehensive athletic development that includes injury prevention, power development, speed and strength, that has a direct carry-over into an athlete’s sport, is essential to longevity and success in the competitive world of today’s athletics.

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BBF’s Athletic Development Academy is small-group or private workouts for the committed athlete (6th-12th grade, college and pro) and focuses on:

  • Progression-based movement training
  • Joint by joint based Prehab/Rehab
  • Linear, lateral and multi-directional speed development
  • Reaction time
  • Speed mechanics, agility and first step quickness
  • Explosive power/vertical jump development
  • High intensity endurance training and recovery training

Academy training enables participants to peak at appropriate times (late HS, college, pro), with well rounded, injury free- bodies and with the necessary knowledge and work ethic required at higher levels of competition. Academy participants work in groups of 6-8 (or in private settings) and are expertly coached to progress through 5 disciplines in 90 minutes.

Our Junior Academy program, for grades 4 & 5, are 60-minute workouts that focus on movement, body weight based strength, coordination, speed, agility and nutrition.

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Unlike other facilities where athletes are assessed and handed a program each season, BBF coaches individualize our athlete’s program every time they walk in the door. Our methodologies and programming are built for youth, not a adult programs that are “customized” for youth.

Our small group and private environments ensures training is monitored at all times. Academy members learn correct technique, get strong AND move well, creating the foundation for becoming well rounded and healthy athletes. Every workout is customized for each athlete based up on how they are performing and moving on that particular day with their long-term goals and objectives as the foundation of their program.


Coaches help identify specific areas in which each athlete needs to improve, strengthen, condition and help prevent injury. Training also includes nutrition and regeneration techniques to improve performance and educate young athletes on how decisions off the field, between games, and at practices can improve their overall performance. Strong backgrounds in kinesiology, physiology, exercise science, sports science and nutrition enabling Academy coaches to provide a range of support for each and every athlete.


Performance training programs for individuals and teams are available year-round to support athletes in reaching their performance goals, and available for the following sports: Football, Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Hockey, Lacrosse, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Golf, Track & Field, Field Hockey, Swimming, Dance, Cheer, Rugby and more.

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