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What is BBF Academy?
BBF Academy is the only athletic development program in Loudoun County that uses programming proven to help athletes become resilient to the stress of their sport while developing the strength needed to increase speed, power and overall athleticism required at the upper levels. BBF has partnered with world-renowned Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning (MBSC) to bring this best-in-class athletic development training to Loudoun County. The program includes small-group instruction for the serious athlete (6th grade and up – ages 11+). Seasonal programming is developed by MBSC’s staff of physical therapists, sports chiropractors and strength and conditioning professionals and then delivered to MBSC’s affiliate partners. The MBSC program, practiced by many of the world’s most elite athletes at the collegiate, Olympic and professional level, is the same program that BBF Academy athletes use.

A full description of our program and method can be found here (PDF).

What is Junior Academy?
Junior Academy uses the same methods taught to our older athletes but takes a more developmental approach. Athletes initially focus on body weight movement pattern; once mastered, light loads may be added. Junior Academy is for 4th and 5th graders and trains in small groups of 6-10 for 60 minutes.

When are the Academy sessions?
You can enroll in Academy at any time for 8, 10, 12 or 16 weeks at a time. Programming synchs with athletic calendars – Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall so that athletes can focus on build, maintenance or recovery workouts depending on their sports schedules. Each programming session is 12-weeks long except for summer which is 10-weeks. Although it is ideal to have athletes start at the beginning of a session, they can start at any time.

What are your expectations of athletes who participate in Academy?
We hold our athletes to a very high standard of conduct. Given the type of work we do at our gym, safety is our highest priority and as a result rough housing, disrespectful behavior toward coaches or fellow athletes and bullying are not tolerated. BBF is a place of character building as well as a safe place for athletes to experiment, take on new challenges and demonstrate leadership. Each session athletes are asked to sign or review our House Rules.

How do I register for Academy?
To register, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the BBF registration portal. This can also be accessed at any time via (bottom left of site)
    Log Into an Existing Account or Create A New Account
  2. Log in or create an account in your child’s name. ** Each athlete must have their own account
  3. Go to the “Buy It” Tab
  4. Go to “Monthly Payment Options”
    Select your preferred option to purchase – ex: 12 week , 2 day/week Academy Training
    Add to your cart
    Check out
  5. After you have made your purchase you can view and select your preferred classes
    Go to the “Book It” (Academy) Tab
    Find your desired class and select “Reserve My Bench”
    Then you will 2 options
    On the left you can make a single reservation
    On the right you can make a recurring reservation – adjust the dates as necessary
  6. Please use your member portal to cancel classes that will be missed
    Please cancel in advance and reschedule the missed class
    When you are logged in go to:
    The “My Info” tab
    My schedule
    You can view and cancel classes from this screen

How do I schedule/un-schedule/makeup workouts?
To book, make changes to workouts, book makeups and review your schedule, you have two options: via your computer by logging into your account or via our scheduling App (MindBody Connect):

Via Computer
Log into your account (access to our portal can be found at the bottom left side of our home page)

  • Click on the “Book It!” tab
  • Scroll to your desired date and time.
  • Click the “Reserve My Bench” button on the date you want to start.
  • If you would like to create a “recurring reservation”, use the box on the right to create a reservation in the same class for a specific period of time (up to one year).
  • Click “make a recurring reservation.”
  • Proceed to the yellow highlighted box if you would like to book another day/time.

Via iPhone or Andriod App

  • Download MINDBODY Connect for iPhone here, and for Android here.
  • Create an account with the email you’re already using to book with BBF (you’ll need a new password).
  • Once you’re in you’ll find BBF in your Favorites list.
  • From there, you will be able to view our entire schedule, book, cancel and purchase (prepaid package options only).

Questions about the MindBody Connect app or booking workouts? Give us a shout!

What is your makeup policy if an athlete misses a workout?
Makeups are highly encouraged and can be scheduled either by logging into your account from our member portal (access is at the bottom left of our home page) or via our MindBody App (if you have a question about which groups are best for your athlete, please speak directly with the athlete’s coach). Makeups must be made within the session and cannot be carried over into future sessions. Refunds are not available for sessions missed.

What should athletes bring to workouts?
Athletes should plan to wear appropriate workout clothes (sufficient coverage for females) and sturdy and tied athletic footwear. A water fountain is available at the club but many athletes bring their own water bottles. Cell phones are not permitted in the workout areas. Storage cubbies are available but are not secure. Items left at the gym will remain in our lost and found for two weeks before being donated.

How are athletes placed in groups?
We group athletes based on age and ability. Every attempt is made to keep athletes with the same coach for each workout during a session, however based on an individual’s specific day/times, this may not always be possible.

Can specific athletes be grouped together?
It’s always fun to work out with friends and we will accommodate requests to our best ability. However, safety is our number one priority at BBF.  If inappropriate behavior occurs as a result of certain groupings, athletes will first receive a behavior warning before a group modification is made.