BlackBench Fit


BBF Academy’s Benchmark is the only testing program in Loudoun County that has been developed by physical therapists, nationally ranked strength & conditioning professionals and elite coaches and used by the pros to assess, compare and rank athletes.


The Benchmark testing protocol is comprised of scientifically-based tests conducted by an independent and unbiased evaluator. The testing produces objective criteria for a club, head/skills coach(s) and/or strength & conditioning coach to make team selection and training decisions, provide a path for athletes to reduce injury, increase overall athletic ability and develop a long-term development plan.

  • Testing is customized to use a series of strength and fitness tests that builds a physical profile of an athlete.
  • Tests are administered by well credentialed strength & conditioning coaches experienced in proper testing protocol and procedures to ensure accurate results.
  • Metabolic and strength demands vary between sports and are taken into consideration when setting up the Benchmark for the individual/team.
  • Deliverables includes raw and averaged data; team deliverables can include individual profiles (+$50)
  • The benchmark can be administered either individually or in groups of two to five athletes.


  • Helps athletes, coaches & clubs assess athletic talent
  • Identifies specific physical abilities
  • Provides a path for athletic growth
  • Determines areas of concern/risk factors
  • Compares and contrasts how athletes rank against their peers

Find out more about our Benchmark and how it helps put athletes and teams on the path to safe and effective growth.

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