BlackBench Fit

Special Programs

At BlackBench, every athlete is trained as an individual. Our method’s small group work maps a coach to an athlete ensuring consistency and frequent feedback. Our coaches closely monitor their athletes, identifying strengths and weaknesses and then adjust all or some of their workout each time they walk in our doors. Depending on age, stage, sport, injury or otherwise athletes often have “a program within a program”.

Hard Gain & Maintain – Sports Performance Nutrition

The most genetically gifted or hardest working athlete on the team won’t always be the biggest success story. Without the muscle mass and body weight needed to make those important tackles and hits, many athletes won’t ever reach their full potential.

Building and maintaining muscle mass is critical no matter what sport you play. And achieving the right balance between building muscle and keeping body fat low is vital. Our hard gain & maintain program  is designed to help athletes gain weight safely and at the right pace, while teaching the critical building blocks of proper nutrition and lifting techniques. The Hard Gain & Maintain program ($149) includes:

  • Parent-athlete nutrition workshops
  • Education and tips/tricks to help athletes gain the right kind of weight
  • Guidance from our nutrition team
  • Social media support
  • Weekly weigh ins and body fat checks to benchmark progress
  • Regular challenges to keep athletes motivated and on track

Ideally, our Hard Gain program is paired with our athletic development Academy where special programming is used to facilitate lean muscle mass production. We do, however, offer a “free agent” program that allows individuals to participate in the sports performance nutrition program without becoming an Academy member.

Overhead Athletes

At BBF, overhead players (baseball/softball players, quarterbacks, basketball, volleyball, tennis players and swimmers) are a special breed of athlete who require training focused on injury prevention in the vulnerable shoulder region. Symmetry, prehab/rehab and daily progressions/regressions/corrective work, coupled with a thorough understanding of the athlete’s seasonal load, are all important factors when training our overhead athletes.

Return To Play

Injury is inevitable when playing sports, be it an ankle turn or an ACL repair. Our return-to-play protocol assesses athletes after release from physical therapy and continues work on the injured areas to aid comprehensive recovery.  Our strong relationships with many of the area’s leading Physical Therapists enables us to offer a co-care environment for the athlete for as long as needed.

Team in Training

We not only are able to train athletes in our method within the walls of BBF but can also come to you! We work with many teams across the county to create custom programs to support pre-season, in-season and post-season goals and objectives. Before and after school availability.

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