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We are excited to announce we will be partnering with Gold’s Gym to create the first of its kind in Ashburn: a “boutique gym within a large gym experience.” The service, workouts and training for both our adult/general population, as well as our sports performance programs, will be available via Gold’s Performance beginning January 3, 2018 at Gold’s Gym Ashburn.

First, we are thrilled to be partnering with Gold’s at this time in our company’s evolution. When we opened BlackBench in Ashburn five years ago, we were at the forefront of the “boutique” gym experience in Loudoun County. Today, smaller boutique gyms now blanket the area and are no longer a novel concept. Together with Gold’s, we are once again aiming to get ahead of the fitness curve by bringing the small gym experience inside a large gym and retaining the unique benefits each has to offer.

In forging a partnership with Gold’s, we have an exclusive opportunity to take the methodologies and training style we’ve built over more than nine years, right inside the Gold’s Ashburn facility around the corner. Moving to Gold’s also provides us with the best opportunity to bring our members the same great trainers, maintain our core sense of community and deliver even better programs, all the while offering many more benefits/amenities.

We are excited about this new chapter in our journey and hope you’ll consider joining us when we start our brand of personalized group training and sports performance workouts at Gold’s in 2018.

BBF Academy + Gold’s Sports Performance

For those of you who have been with us for a while, you hopefully know that we have constantly tried to stay at the forefront of the sports performance world. We initially did this by investing in the MBSC philosophy and training methods; later by adding formal rehab, prehab and concussion severity management into every workout; and most recently by enhancing the speed development and mechanics part of our program. As we looked at the ever-changing landscape of early sports specialization, demands of year-round participation and advances in athlete care, we looked for ways to continue to evolve our program to best support our athletes.

By teaming with Golds, and with their ability to dedicate, invest and facilitate resources, we will be uniquely positioned to support your kids:

  • Through their brand, nation-wide affiliations and involvement with collegiate-level and professional sports we will be able to continue to evolve our methodology resulting in a best-in-class program for your athlete(s).
  • With their highly skilled staff and an excellent facility, we will be adding some sports-specific translation into our workouts. This will help athletes better correlate the work we do in the gym to their sport, as well as identify some individual mechanical issues we can help address.

Let us know if you have any questions by contacting us at

Interesting in joining us over at Golds Ashburn? Stop by for a tour or to sign up! Ask for Greg Custard.

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