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3 FOR $300

Enjoy 3 months of unlimited strength & conditioning workouts this summer, May through August, for just $300! Sign up a friend and we’ll add 2 more weeks of free workouts or one month of weekend workouts!

Our unique workout model is built to give you options. While our core workouts are 60-minute full body workouts, you have the option to add to your workout with more strength or more conditioning or take an “express” workout with 30-minutes of one or the other. Depending upon your goals on any given day, you can:

  • Get a 60-minute full-body workout (conditioning + strength)
  • Get in a time saving 30-minutes express workout of either conditioning or strength
  • Double up on conditioning for a cardio heavy workout OR spend a 60-minute strength workout
  • Get a 90-minute full-body workout in by looping back into either cardio or strength

As part of our dedication to your whole health structure, we also offer two great weekend workouts: Conditioning-60 and Training Camp. C-60 is a 60 minute metabolic conditioning workout and TC is an interval-based strength and conditioning workout.

Our “3 for $300” offer applies to new and returning members only and is activated on the day of your first workout at BlackBench Fit for 3 consecutive months. Click here to purchase. 

Are you a college student home for the summer or a high schooler looking for a new workout program? Enjoy even greater savings with our Student Membership of $55/month. Students must be enrolled in high school or college and be between the ages of 15 and 21.