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24-Day Challenge



The 24-Day Advocare Challenge is a comprehensive supplementation and nutrition program designed to give your body the jumpstart it needs to help you reach your goals. Whether you are looking for weight loss, weight management, energy or improvements to overall body composition and overall wellness, the 24-Day Challenge is all about attainable and sustainable results.

Although you can do the Challenge on your own, we’d like to invite you to participate in a BBF sponsored 24-Day Challenge, which will give you access to PN-certified nutrition coaches, group motivation and individualized support.

  • The program is centered on eating nutritious foods, eliminating processed foods (including sugar and alcohol) and maximizing your results with nutritional supplementation.
  • The Challenge is broken into two phases: the “Cleanse Phase” (days 1-10) to help reduce inflammation in the body, fill any nutritional gaps in your diet, remove toxins and help you lock in healthy and sustainable nutrition habits; the “Max Phase (days 11-24) is designed to maximize inches lost and to provide you with sustained energy, appetite control, core nutrition and overall wellness.
  • Group participants will receive an individual pre-challenge start assessment, group coaching through a private BBF Facebook page, personal check-ins from our nutrition staff, a meal program, grocery shopping list, tracker sheet and a complete line of supplements.
  • The deadline for committing to the BBF 24-Day Challenge is 5-10 days prior to the start date in order to ensure your AdvoCare products arrive in time for Day 1.

BBF’s Next Group 24-Day Challenge is January 22-Febuary 14, 2018:  

  • If you’re one of our 24-Day Challenge “veterans” and are ready to commit, purchase our 24-Day Challenge Bundle here
  • AdvoCare also offers opportunities for additional discounts through their “preferred customer” and distributor programs. Learn more here. When you start shopping you will be prompted find a distributor. Choose “I ALREADY KNOW A DISTRIBUTOR” – because you do. 😉 Enter “distributor ID” 160235540 to access BBF’s microsite.
  • New to the 24-Day Challenge? Contact us to schedule your pre-Challenge assessment. We’ll discuss your goals and help you with product selection.
  • Still have questions about the program? Ask away!

Check out what some of our 24-Day Challengers have to say about the program:

“I’ve learned so much more about my discipline and self control and that’s a huge improvement. And this process has really changed the way I approach food and exercise now. Who knew there were so many better ways to prepare meals that taste good!!!”– Dina D’Agostino

“I found great success on the 24-Day Challenge and was able to accomplish the goals I set for myself.  The plan is simple to follow and takes much of the guess work out of a proper, nutritious diet.  I lost over 5% of my body weight and 2 inches off my waist in the 24 days, and never felt better.  I would recommend it for anyone who needs a kick-start and better health through nutrition.” – Mark Allen

“My cholesterol is the lowest it has been since I was 18. 205 down to 150. My body weight is at Ironman competition weight (169) and my waist is 31.5 inches. College was the last time I saw this number!” – Scott Stephenson

“For me the biggest ‘gain’ was the forced structure, awareness of old habits and creating new habits.” – Lisa Conway

“I lost 11 pounds and was so happy I could fit into a pair of pants that I couldn’t even button or barely zip before starting this nutrition challenge!” – Cheryl Sakole

“My energy level is better than normal and I haven’t been feeling hungry all the time. I don’t even feel like I am depriving myself either. I met my goal of losing 5 lbs, so I’m happy with the results!” – Roberta Cooper

24-Day Challenge FAQ