BlackBench Fit


Adult Program FAQ

How is BBF different than other gyms?
The main differentiator between BBF and other gyms is that we approach health and fitness much differently. We employ a very specific method of training, inspired by many of the world’s leading thinkers and figures in the world of strength and conditioning. We focus on training the body in patterns that are based in human movement and then program and progress workouts over time and according to specific objectives. Our approach to fitness is never random and always designed to help you measure progress and hit your goals. Attainability and sustainability is the name of the game at BBF. Finally, we believe strongly in the power of community and connections – members get personalized attention from their trainer with the fun and energy of the group.

What type of workouts do you offer?
We offer large group and private/semi-private training for ages 15+. Our large group workouts enable participants to choose a full body workout, strength only workout or conditioning-only workout – customized to the amount of time available to get your workout in: 30, 60 or 90 minutes. If working out with others isn’t your thing or you have very specific goals, we also offer private and semi-private training. Private training is perfect for those who are new to fitness, looking to train at a very-high level or simply prefer the flexibility of one-one-on training.

How do I become a member?
We encourage all potential members to try out a workout to see if BBF is the right fit before committing. Just shoot us a note at so we can welcome you on the day you’d like to take a trial class.

We offer monthly 2-day or unlimited memberships (with great family or student add on discounts) or Pre-Paid options sold in increments of 1, 5, 10, 20 and 30.

How do I register?
Visit our membership tab and then simply click the “get started” button, where you’ll be directed to our registration system. First time users will be asked to create an account by setting up a profile and entering your credit card information. After payment, you will simply need to enroll in your workout of choice.

What is included in BBF membership?
Unlike a typical gym, membership at BBF covers much more than just your workouts. Monthly members have access to monthly group fitness and nutrition challenges, nutrition and fitness/sports-related seminars, access to our staff trainers/nutritionists, regular measurements, trainer off hour check ins, access to our members only Facebook page and more.

What is the new member assessment?
We highly encourage all new members to participate in a 1-hour initial assessment with their trainer (a $125 fee). Prior to your first class, we ask members to complete our general health and fitness questionnaire (please be assured that this information will be held in the strictest confidence). During this session, your trainer will review your short and long-term goals, take baseline measurements (weight, inches and body fat), discuss your health and fitness history, review your current nutrition picture and provide suggestions/set goals for improving your nutrition through an attainable and sustainable approach. This assessment is a great way for your trainer to get to know you, what motivates you, what you struggle with and whether you have any injuries that he/she will want to accommodate during your workouts. Our members tell us that BBF’s commitment to the trainer/member relationship truly sets us apart from other fitness clubs.

What level of nutrition support can I expect from BBF?
Our company was founded on the belief that fitness and smart nutrition go hand in hand. Most gyms focus heavily on the workouts, while any nutrition support comes in the form of selling potions, powders and pills or paying huge fees to join an add-on diet program. At BBF, nutrition is “baked” into our approach. Members receive nutrition information during class; ideas and direction during the optional new member assessment; a bi-monthly group nutrition challenge; free Nourish seminars conducted by our staff trainers/nutritionists; and community nutrition support via our members only Facebook page. Our semi-annual group Nourish detoxes are a very popular offering and an inexpensive way to get back on track with the fun and support of fellow BBF members. Finally, many of our BBF trainers are certified by industry-leader Precision Nutrition and can meet with you individually, for an additional fee, to discuss your unique nutrition challenges, develop a more robust nutrition plan and get you on the right healthy eating track, whatever your goals.

I’m worried the workouts will be too hard. What can I expect?
We work hard to bring you the kind of workouts you’ll never do on your own and they are challenging. That said, ALL fitness levels can and will succeed at BBF because we will show you how to work at your own pace and to your own current fitness ability offering progressions, regressions and workarounds for any issues or injuries you may have. We also strongly encourage members to invest in a heart-rate monitor so you can easily assess when you need to push harder and when you need to pull back during your workouts. As part of your member intake, you have the opportunity to participate in an Anaerobic Threshold (AT) test ($50) to determine your individual heart rate zones – we recommend you do this test if you are going to purchase and use a heart rate monitor. Finally, safety and injury prevention is our top priority. We are here to encourage and motivate you but will never push you to do anything you’re not ready for.

What should I bring to my workout?
You’ll be getting your sweat on at BBF, so bring a towel and water. Please plan to leave your cell phones outside the workout rooms so that you can focus on your workout and not disrupt your classmates’ workouts.

What if I can’t make my scheduled workout?
For our monthly members, the “commit” part of our program is one of the three pillars of our company, so we encourage you to commit to a regular schedule; however, we understand that life happens and that classes may be missed. Subject to availability, if you know you are going to miss a class you will have an opportunity to make up that class during any class that we offer that is not at capacity. Please note: make ups cannot be carried into the next month and refunds and/or discounts cannot be applied to future sessions for missed classes.

How do I schedule/unscheduled myself for workouts?
To book, make changes to workouts, review your schedule and pay for classes, you have two options: via your computer by logging into your account or via our scheduling App (MindBody Connect):

Via Computer
Log into your account (access to our portal can be found at the bottom left side of our home page)

  • Click on the “Book It!” tab
  • Scroll to your desired date and time.
  • Click the “Reserve My Bench” button on the date you want to start.
  • If you would like to create a “recurring reservation”, use the box on the right to create a reservation in the same class for a specific period of time (up to one year).
  • Click “make a recurring reservation.”
  • Proceed to the yellow highlighted box if you would like to book another day/time.

Via iPhone or Andriod App

  • Download MINDBODY Connect for iPhone here, and for Android here.
  • Create an account with the email you’re already using to book with BBF (you’ll need a new password).
  • Once you’re in you’ll find BBF in your Favorites list.
  • From there, you will be able to view our entire schedule, book, cancel and purchase (prepaid package options only).

Questions about the MindBody Connect app or booking workouts? Give us a shout!

How do I change the alerts that I receive reminding me of my workouts?
If you have a recurring reservation, your default will be do receive alerts/reminders about upcoming workouts. To turn off these alerts:

  • Log into your account via our member (MindBody) portal
  • Click on “My Info”
  • Under Profile – Personal Info – click Edit
  • Subscribe to email reminders & notifications – change this from YES to NO

What if I want to cancel my membership?
We understand you may need a break from BBF or have personal circumstances that make it difficult to continue with us – unlike the gyms, we don’t want to take your money if you’re not utilizing your membership. Our memberships are month-to-month – no yearly contracts or extended commitments. Simply give us no less than 2-weeks notice if you need to cancel your membership or take a break. We will always welcome you back with open arms!